Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Did I say it was the shortest day?

Did I say it was 
the shortest day?
If I did, it was a lie.
There were so many days 
so much 
shorter. So less long. 
But it sounded

in the song. We took 
our time, we boiled 
the water
and watched 

the pot. We added 
the oil. We strung 
together the same 
old words but 
all in 
in all different 

orders. You were 
gone and I was still 
where I've 
always been,
which is wherever
I'm waiting for you.

(By BJK)

Monday, June 16, 2014

cleaning out the attic (FIELD GUIDES odds & ends)

While we continue impatiently & petulantly awaiting the completion of our inaugural physical recording artifact, here are some random demos & documents & covers & rehearsal recordings & snippets & excerpts of sloppy demos of seedlings of saplings of ideas of songs… "BOO, FOREVER" will one day see the light of night; keep yr ears open...