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Reinventing the Sacred

Is this for real?

Sarah Jessica Parker gives me nightmares

"A democracy cannot function long without an informed public"

Older, not Cooler: a demographic dilemma and some over-sharing re: my childhood.

Air Waves: 5 Gems (including one song named "Gems")

Linkage: (Cool) Hunting the (Cool) Hunters

Soul on Fire

Bring on the Strings: Devon Williams makes an argument for lushness

Linkage: Charles & Marie

"A glorious day"

FOXY! Coolest dog in Manhattan!

Deserving Hyperbole: Wall Animation by BLU

...Bring May Flowers

"like you'll never see me again"

Nails in Astoria

"Am I gonna explode?"

Etsy Stalking: The Art of Matte Stephens

Burrowing through the astral plane

Plantastic! (Mangosteens!)



That Summer Feeling

Naked Frog People, Root Beer, & Dancing Bears: The Art of Marcel Dzama

Punk Rock Academy

Cigarettes will kill you, but cigarette ads kill me!

We ♥ Desmond Dekker: Shooby dooby dooby dooby dooby doop doop...

We ♥ Stars of the Lid: Music for Twin Peaks Episode #30

High Places Sign to Thrill Jockey!

Cobblestone Pop: 'Alison Statton' by Pants Yell!

Funny Ha Ha: You make me touch your hands for stupid reasons...