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Morning Light: Three New Shots by Hong-An


"It's not that hard to block out the light"

"All Farewells Are Sudden"

Pigeons — "The Welcome"

David Attenborough Recites "What A Wonderful World"

Youth Lagoon

This woman is my new hero

"It's Real"

Tigers Jaw Cover Fleetwood Mac!

"We'll come back for Indian Summer"

Tigers Jaw On a Couch

The Feynman Series: On Beauty, Honours, and Curiosity

"On The Air": David Lynch's Post-Peaks TV Show

"And I remember pretending I wasn't looking"

A Voice from the Shadows


A Winged Victory For The Sullen

Things to Read, Drinks to Drink: Charles Baxter's The Soul Thief & Segura Viudas Cava

StoryCorps Makes Me Cry Once Again...


Uh Huh

Typography on PBS



The BBC's "Do You See What I See?": Putting the U in COLO(U)R

The L Magazine's Summer Fiction Issue: 2011

"See for the Woods"

LUST BRIGADE Mixtape & Interview (☮)

Wistful Riddles: The Curfew by Jesse Ball

"I saw the wolf in the storm."

"I swear they saved my life..."

Moon is a band.

Things to Read, Drinks to Drink: Bad Guy Edition

"But that's the way the blur was used"

Spotted vs. Barred

"I believe I may be infinite"

Stuff We're Listening To (6/1/11)

Remembering Gil: 1949–2011

"There Is No God (but that which surrounds the tongue...)"

"I just hugged the man that murdered my son."

"Baibaba Bimba"

Photo of the Day: Leafy Sky

Some Nice Folks Talk About WE'RE GONNA DIE

"And That's It."

Some Thoughts on the Celebration of Violence & Revenge

The Show

Two Poems by Thea Brown (Over at H_NGM_N)

Layering Geometries: Double Exposures by Nicole Bogatitus

Bird of the Day: The Bobolink

Adventures with Poison Dart Frogs

"Yes, now I know, you must reap what you sow. Or sing."

We're Gonna Die

The Appalachian Trail (In 4 Minutes)

"There Is Power In A Union"