"But that's the way the blur was used"

Loaded at the wrong door
Waiting for the brakes to sound
What was all the panic for?
Check that spun-out flagging down
Coming on as tunnels do
Trace the line and stay inside
It drew us out but I was late
Leashes falling one more time
Spend that trowel on a missing vane
It seemed the night was almost true
Tell me, too, I’ll show you in
I'm speaking of the talking through
Swollen off in distances
The embers now are under you
Beaten down before the stars
Hands were had, nests were sold
But that was just the floor so far
Take that call back, I know it's cold
But that's the way the blur was used
Cap it off and crawl away, the summits were so little then
Asking to be home to stay
Holding out on promises
Finally growing up to find
What I woulda known without
The mercy and the caution lights
Down at the movin' on and slowin' down
It was fine just to lose


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