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some animals with prominent noses...

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She & Him & Them

Let's argue about art! Guillermo "Habacuc" Vargas has made himself (in)famous.

Photo of the Day: Foxy

"You're way too beautiful girl..."

Strange Attractors

A New Sort of Stockholm Syndrome

Conversation Piece: Steven Pinker on "Secular Enlightenment"

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Photo of the Day

Deserving Hyperbole: Stars Like Fleas

Photo of the Day

Anti-Cynicism: Oh Jason, Are You Still Waiting?

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Profit Sharing is Awesome! Or, is it?

Beaten to the Punch

Who's Cooler than Nick Cave?

Monday Morning Photo

American Outrage

The New Weird...Scandinavia

In both directions, from the lens... (and a discussion of eyesight and nakedness)