A New Sort of Stockholm Syndrome

First it was Jens Lekman, then Love is All, then El Perro del Mar, then The Knife, then Tape...with lots of other knee-weakening Scandinavian songsmiths in between.  Hell, even before any of those there was Ace of Base

The latest Swede to have us swooning (and singing along!) is Lykke Li.  Her debut, Youth Novels, was produced by Björn Yttling (of Peter Bjorn and John) and has been out overseas since January, but is as yet unavailable over here.  Luckily, she's giving us a little teaser with the Little Bit EP, which comes out May 6.

She plays Joe's Pub in New York on May 7 (along with El Perro del Mar!).

For a taste of her distinctly Swedish (whatever that means) indie-pop, here are two versions of a song that I believe was excluded from the album (but it's one of my favorites from what I've heard so far!): 

"Tonight" (Demo Version):

"Tonight" (Finished Version):

Which version do you prefer?

You can download the "finished" version at her website.

Video for "Little Bit":

New video for "I'm Good, I'm Gone":


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