Two Poems by Thea Brown (Over at H_NGM_N)

Thea BrownOh my goodness: I am beyond-words-thrilled to have woken up this morning to two poems by the startlingly brilliant Thea Brown over at H_NGM_N. They are titled "The Subject Is Sometimes I’m Defensive and Try to Be Sincere" and "Healer," and both will leave you with a wonderful ache somewhere deep (spleen?). And, if you're like me (i/w/c I'm sorry, but) you'll get at least a couple good chuckles, too! When's the last time you read poetry this astonishingly good?

I know it's a bit uncouth to pull fragments from poems—and you really should just skip right over to the excellent H_NGM_N Journal page—but these are just too good not to quote and tease a little bit...

From "The Subject Is Sometimes I’m Defensive and Try to Be Sincere":
"... tonight your hunting locates
a love song radio marathon—yes, like one hundred
ten degrees mosquito torpor like leaving messages
on windshields graceless language I’m only trying
to tell you that when New Order comes on
I will feel exactly my age ..."

From "
"... This morning
I woke before the working man only to fall asleep again
On the sidewalk out front, a pair of squirrels pilfering some
Of my hair to build their nest. It is the fall, I know. ..."

[Hey Thea, is this the proper way to quote from poems?]

I'd have quoted the breathtaking last lines of "Healer," but for those you really have to head over here:

2 Poems by Thea Brown!


t.a.b. said…
dearest benny, i do not deserve such lauding. you are sweet.

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