Reinventing the Sacred

This is a really interesting discussion with biologist and complexity theorist Stuart Kauffman, who argues against reductionism and for a sort of evolution of the relationship between science and religion.

Kauffman takes issue with what he considers the more antagonistically atheistic camp, including Dawkins and Hitchens.  (Though he does not believe in a supernatural god, he refuses to label himself an atheist.) Essentially, he is advocating a middle ground on which religious and non-religious can cooperate in advancing a rational worldview based on science and reason but that doesn't neglect what he seems to consider a human need for worship.  As Leonard Lopate says, Kauffman is searching for a "new conceptual framework of god."

The conversation is maybe most interesting when Lopate asks why Kauffman even maintains the word "god" in his new framework.

Kauffman's new book is Reinventing the Sacred: A New View of Science, Reason, and Religion.


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