I like the idea of art collectives—people working together to make things, sounds, spaces, whatever. Maybe it's because when there's a group involved, it somehow shines special light on the process rather than the end result, and I dig process. Or maybe it's some innate yearning for a sense of creative community that makes the collective thing seem so appealing.

Regardless, and the point is, I recently stumbled across Gelitin's website. They're a four-person art collective from Vienna and have put together some pretty excellent installations over the years, like this one called Weltwunder (Wonder of the World):

Now, I don't know if there was an actual teapot buried underground, but anyone who wanted to see what was going on did have to dive through five meters of water to find it.

Two and a half years ago in a gallery in New York City, the four group members plus two additional people locked themselves in a large, live-in box and, for a week, reproduced various items offered by gallery-goers. Visitors could put something—anything—through a chest-sized extension and about an hour later, out would pop the original item plus a replica. Here's the New York Times article about it, and here are some photos:

So, the question for you readers is: Did you or anyone you know go see this? And if so, what kinds of things did you get replicated? Send some photos if you have them!


BJK said…
i remember when they were doing that replica thing at leo koenig, and i remember meaning to go, but...

one of the few cool, original things at the renegade craft fair this year was a girl in a box meant to look like a vending machine; you inserted a dollar and turned a dial to select which theme you wanted, and out came a postcard. and she made robotic noises! it was cute.

i selected "machine's choice" and got a card that says, "All roosters are chickens but not all chickens are roosters." very true. i think i thought of nate.

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