The Last Abortion Doctor

hey hey! finally, i'm making good on my promise to post something on ysc. i'm a total rookie, so bear with.

i wanted to share not only my total fear of capital letters, but—serious now—this really incredible
article about doctor warren hern, from right in my backyard of boulder, colorado. i've had the pleasure of making the acquaintance of dr. hern on a few occassions and i have had the very good fortune to hear him speak several times.

there are some times in your personal experience when you meet someone and from the first time, you just know there is something special about them. difficult to describe, but if you have felt it, you know what i'm talking about. no matter how short your meeting is, they've left some kind of unexplainable, indelible mark on your psyche. that is how it is when you meet dr. hern. and from what i've heard about dr. tiller, he had that kind of effect as well.

anyway, this (gorgeously written) article from esquire is about dr. warren hern. i thought i admired him before i read it... now i am sure he is a hero. you should read it too and understand why his work is so fundamental.

The Last Abortion Doctor


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