Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Voice Acting (Ray Fenwick vs. Me)

Those closest to me are familiar with my truest aspiration: to put to use and share with the world my vast array of character voices. I've long been building up my stable of vocalizations, preparing for a fulfilling career passionately giving voice to cartoon characters, narrating television advertisements, reciting audio books, maybe doing some puppetry here and there... I'm on my way.

But it looks like I'll have some competition...

Here, for your listening pleasure, is a brief (but hopefully illuminating) glimpse at my own voice acting endeavors (assisted here by the similarly chameleon-larynxed NLB)... Turn the volume down before you press play (trust me)...


(I may need to work a tad on controlling the hysterical laughter that involuntarily erupts from the sheer joy of practicing my craft, my calling.)

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Nikki-Nicole said...

This post has left me in tears.