Green Apple Books is Going Rogue!

Remember way back before the '08 election, when this sort of turned into political blog with loads of anti-Palin posts? Well, now it might seem like since our guy won, we've returned to quiet apathy, but that's not the case at all... I suppose we felt like that was a particular time when we should add our voices to chaotic chorus of political debate. It's not that we've lost sight of Sarah, although we have tried to shun her from our consciousness. It's becoming difficult again, these days, but we've willfully avoided making any mention of her... However, this is worth sharing...

Perhaps our favorite bookstore in the country, Green Apple Books in San Francisco, is doing something clever and meaningful in reaction to Palin's popular new tome. From their blog:
"With all due to respect to the Republicans who were as overjoyed as I was (for different reasons, of course) by Sarah Palin's nomination to the McCain ticket last year, Green Apple is donating 100% of the profits from sales of Sarah Palin's Going Rogue: An American Life to the Alaska Wildlife Alliance."


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