Monday, March 15, 2010

Marquees & Palmettos

Here are some photographs from my recent sojourn to Charleston, South Carolina...

(Palmettos along the Battery)

(America's first theater)

(a door to the porch)


(I wish this place was open)

("Sacred to the memory")

(Honest John's TV Repair/Record Store/Balloon Grams/Check Cashing/Notary Public/Grocery/...)

(The rain falls out through the fish's mouth)

(back-lit steeple)



(lamp & anchor)

(birch vase and water at Hope & Union)

(blue skies)

(and another palmetto)

1 comment:

eskerol said...

Nice photos. I love what's going on in "a door to the porch", all i can say is "o la, la."