Let's Move to Finland, or, Lau Nau & Kuupuu @ Issue Project Room Tonight

Issue Project Room
07/12 @ 8:00pm
Minor Musics: Lau Nau + Kuupuu
Lau Nau is free spirited Finnish artist. Since the release of her celebrated debut full length Kuutarha on Chicago’s Locust Music in 2005, Lau Nau has enjoyed considerable recognition for her intimate & playful blend of ethnic tinged folk songs with curious & intuitive sounds conjured from familiar and exotic sound sources.

Kuupuu is a solo project of a Finnish artist / musician with a background in psych-folk groups such as Avarus.
Kuupuu plays partly improvised spooky boogie with tapes, loops, toys, keyboards, effects and voices. Her live sets are time travels through unfound galaxies, deserted huts, nightmares, dirty doghouses, sweet cakes and cranberry lakes – letting the melodies find their own ways and settle or unsettle in the whole. (

Buy Tickets | Admission: $10 ($9 in advance, $8 members)
Note: Doors open at 8 pm.


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