Other People's Lives, Pt. 1: Patio Party

A while back, we picked up a bunch of random photographs from a basement shop in Brooklyn called Junk, and rightly so. Although among the junk are treasures, sometimes even reasonably priced. I happened to purchase a painting there several years ago—a gift for my favorite people—that holds serious sentimental value, and has hung upon more than a couple walls since then.

There are bins full of discarded and forgotten snapshots; most likely from donated estates, photo albums abandoned during moves, and so on. Obviously, there's an odd voyeuristic allure to these pictures—the same temptations that pull your glances through half-open blinds into strangers' apartments and beg you to sneak peeks over people's shoulders when they're texting on their phones (that's not just me, right?).

I just recently scanned a bunch of these, and figured I'd share some of the anonymous, once-intimate snapshots with you (whoever "you" are). Of course, this sort of curated ephemera thing has been done very well by the wonderful folks at Found Magazine and others...

Here, though, is our first installment, a photo we'll tenderly refer to as "Back Fat on the Back Patio"...

(If anyone has any ideas for a caption or a narrative to go along with this photo, let us know.)

((Also, if any of you have any random photos like this of your own, please submit them!))


Anonymous said…
"OK - it's my fault! I told him putting leeches in the pool would help keep it clean"!

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