I contributed some of my favorite things to a "Best Of" issue of L Magazine not too long ago, and one of my entries was Phillip Racz. I'd seen him playing his accordion at the Metropolitan G station a few times and did a little sleuthing to track him down to get his name for the mag. I didn't want to go the trite route of picking a favorite new band or bar, and figured one of the more intriguing subway performers deserved some attention. Phil had caught my attention as I was reading and waiting for the G one night by segueing from Radiohead's "No Surprises" into an absolutely gorgeous version of the Twin Peaks theme that echoed through the tunnel. I kept in touch with Phil and even got a chance to play with him a bit recently. He's an inspired and engaging performer (especially on upright bass and accordion) and an all-around swell guy. Here's a video of him doing an Astor Piazzolla tune.

Phil. from Cleon Grey on Vimeo.


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