Mist Complexions

Bulbs, or, Girl With Hair at Show - m4w (Williamsburg)

'Bulbs' is such a silly word when you say it more than five times. Were I to name each bulb, I'd look to Greek mythology and Saturday morning cartoons. The bulbs were on the stage last night at Pete's Candy Store. Field Guides were under the low glow.

You: eyebrows like furry caterpillars, asleep and dreaming above your eyes of cocoons and future wings.

(and Jessica Tandy)

Me: a snaggletooth; two diligent eyes (neither lazy); hair growing (still at this age!) in mostly conventional locales; an evident yearning to earn the approval of my peers; an evident yearning for furry and furless affections; a coat evoking fields of nettles. If I were a marine animal, I'd be some sort of mollusk.

Bulbs bulbs bulbs bulbs bulbs...



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