Two FIELD GUIDES Shows in October!!

{by BJK}

There has been a lot happening on the Field Guides front lately. First off, we have a brand spankin' new rehearsal space in the old Pfizer factory building in our beloved neighborhood of Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. The building housed manufacturing and research operations for the pharmaceutical behemoth from 1849 until just a few years ago. It's a truly surreal place, full of hazard signs, old lab equipment, eye-wash stations, and lots of vacant and eerie corridors. Last year a bunch of local food start-ups began leasing space in the abandoned building, and now our little band has a permanent home to practice and work on new material!

(Here's more fascinating info plus photos of the building:

We got the space just in time, because we're gearing up for 2 exciting shows in October. It'll be a big, burly incarnation of Field Guides, bulked up for the waning of summer.  There'll be a trumpet and a beefed up rhythm section and 2 or 3 guitars!  And new songs!!!

 The first show is with our good friends Ben Seretan (who's finishing up his residency in Alaska, swimming in cool waters and communing with bald eagles) & Alex Lewis, plus a cool band from Portland, OR, called Alameda. It's at Cake Shop in Manhattan, a venue we love in part for its Swell Maps namesake.  I saw a great show by The Clean there years ago; perhaps we'll cover a tune by one of those bands while we're there!

The show is on Tuesday, October 22, at 8pm. We're on third.

{by BJK}

The second October show is on Thursday, October 24, at Cameo Gallery in Brooklyn. We'll be playing with some heavier bands, including our friend Butch's band, Beasty.  Buy tickets here:

{by BJK}

Here's a photo from the last time we played Cameo, taken by the lovely Morgan Cattaneo:


Thanks for this information. Cant wait to watch.

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