Amy Goodman Detained at RNC Protest

Radio host, author, and activist Amy Goodman (Democracy Now!) has apparently been detained or arrested along with other reporters and medics by police in Saint Paul for "probable cause for riot." Can't find much info at the moment, but we will continue to update this post as we learn more.

Here is audio of the arrest:

And here is a Democracy Now! producer describing the events:

Here is video of other journalists being detained by police on Saturday (August 30, 2008). You can see Amy Goodman attempting to question the police at about the 1:30 mark:

Legal observers from the Cold Spring Legal collective (trained to observe police activities and report abuses of civil liberties) have also been arrested.

Updated @ 8:11pm

Here is video of the arrest (thanks for the tip, Jason!):

The press release from Democracy Now! is HERE.

Many preemptive arrests have been made in the Twin Cities during several raids targeting activists and journalists on charges of "conspiracy to riot."


Anonymous said…
And this is our wold as defined by the administration of the last 8 years. Everyone needs to see this! How can anyone be apolitical at this point in our history? And yet so many want"god" to take care of it all.I'm inspired by this to do more to change our course.

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