Things to Read, Drinks to Drink: The September Switch-Hit

Some people I know find September off-puttingly bipolar: It's hot! It's cold! Shorts or slacks? Shoes or flip-flops?

I tend to take a more positive view of our bemoaned 9th month, as it gives us reason to drink both the crisp, heavily-iced drinks of summer and/or the sipping whiskeys that help us through the cold months. I should note here that I'm not particularly a whiskey snob: I like sweet and spicy bourbons as well as dry, peat-heavy single malts. Hell, I like blends, too! If I'm broke, I may just get a Johnnie Walker Black or a Maker's Mark on the rocks, but if I'm feeling all fancy-pants, I may order a Woodford Reserve, a great bourbon that's not as sweet as Marker's and that's the official bourbon of The Kentucky Derby.

Cures heartache, headache, sadness, loneliness and is the perfect stand-in for self-esteem

Barry Hannah's Ray is just about the perfect literary pairing for any booze-hound (you'll see why when you read it), but whiskey seems particularly appropriate for some reason.

Representative Sentence: "I get tired of people. All of them driving around in their cars, eating, having to be." Ouch.


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