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pak said…
How did you do this? This is really neat. I had to look up the meaning of both chthonian and palimpsest. Palimpsest can happen with etchasketch the toy but you produced an elevated version. No pun intended. Chthonian means relating to the gods or spirits of the underworld. I like what this art provoked. There are layers to hold interest which I like and of course two words I now know the meaning of.
BJK said…
it's 90% happy accident...

the original was just a scan of a page from my moleskine, on which for some reason i'd drawn a log and written "chthonian." (i think i was probably reading murakami at the time...)

the palimpsest is simply the result of the backside of the scanned page peeking through. the animation uses alternating color screens to mess with the contrast/perceptibility of the palimpsest layer. if i had spent more time on it, the effect could be manipulated more subtly.

i thought it all had something of an accidental logic to it.

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