I don't understand this Skittles commercial...

and it's not just the language barrier, I don't think...


copperseal said…
im guessing it's the tailor's alter ego wanting to take the man's suit and his skittles.
The Analyzer said…
There are three people in the mirror. From left to right, his super ego, ego, and id. Each one is shorter and more hysterical.

Also, Skittles look like little pills.

Customer: Wait. I'm not eating Skittles

Thai Tailor: Hey! You're not allowed to eat while you're working.

Filipino Mirror: Well, I'm hungry.

Thai Tailor: Ay! I have to tell you again, dummy.

Filipino Mirror: Well, I'm hungry, so of course I'm going to eat.

Thai Tailor: You're so lazy, long back! (Thai slang for lazy)

Filipino Mirror: Son of a bitch, I'm hungry!


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