2/6/10 - Stuff We're Listening To

Bear in Heaven - Beast Rest Forth Mouth The United States of America - The United States of America Tape w/ Bill Wells - Fugue
Alan Licht - Rabbi Sky Real Estate - Real Estate Pizzicato Five - Made in USA
The Silent League - But You've Always Been the Caretaker Lake - Let's Build A Roof Cocteau Twins - Treasure

some (uncapitalized [suggesting a casual nature]) notes following a clockwise inward spiral from top left...

• our awesome friend laura brothers did the artwork for this! and "lovesick teenagers" is killer!

• if you like broadcast, you'll be surprised to hear this. and you'll be surprised to learn it's from 1968!

• great pairing. both tape and bill wells have some stellar taste for collaborations (tenniscoats, pastels, maher shalal hash baz, isobel campbell, ...). only complaint is that it's over too soon. plus, this immune imprint is shaping up to be one to follow.

• never fails to bring a smile.

• still sounds otherworldly and groundbreaking over a quarter century later.

• i've been loving these guys and gals from portland since their last album. earnest, light-hearted, fun, catchy, earthy (sort of the opposite of cocteau twins, actually).

• working on a proper review of this... i still need to absorb it some more, because there is
a lot going on here. it must have been cold upstate, because shannon fields (stars like fleas, etc.) and justin russo (mercury rev, hopewell, etc.) layered these songs with enough sonic blankets to keep toasty until the spring thaw... mercury rev is definitely the lazy easy touchstone, aside from the clear 70s homage going on (elo, roxy music, etc.), but i keep catching hints of so much else. bowie here, lambchop there; eno all over. like i said, this one is demanding a bunch more listens.

• "one of the leading lichts" is what i'd say if i were prone to cheesy puns.

• "these jersey boys deserve the buzz" is what i'd say if i were an mtv vj in 1998 introducing their video on
120 minutes.


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