How to Levitate

You know that trick where you stand in a doorway and extend your arms against the frame for a couple minutes, then step forward and feel your arms involuntarily rise? You know, this thing. Well I used to think that if I did that long enough, my arms would float up and take my whole body with them, allowing me to fulfill my fantasy of flight. I remember thinking I just needed to work up the stamina to press my arms against the frame for maybe 12 hours in order to get my feet a few feet off the ground. I think I even had some rudimentary calculations in mind: x (minutes in doorframe) – y (weight) = π z (minutes levitating / inches levitated above floor). Or something like that. I suppose my whimsy waned before my doorframe endurance reached the necessary level.

Anyhow, in the intervening years, this guy figured out a simpler way to levitate...


The image is not Photoshopped. The first person to tell us how he pulled this off will win a prize.*

* The prize will either be a hearty pat on the back or a sincere compliment on your appearance.


Sara said…
he's standing on the group about 6 inches away from a stain or coloured in portion on the ground that looks like a shadow cast by his feet.
good photo :)
BJK said…
Bingo, Sara! You must have tried this trick before, no? Swell job! You win the grand prize... You really are looking wonderful today. Are you doing something different with your hair? It is very becoming.
eskerol said…
Unlocking the mystery of the stain:

This levitating man, was not always levitating. No, he was lounging around with friends in the middle of this plaza here. When he got up to get an ice cream, on this warm summer day, he looked down and saw that his bum-sweat had seeped through his pants to the concrete. Oh, no! What to do? Risk ridicule or unveil one of his magic powers? Luckily, instinct kicked in and he simply covered his arse.

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