100 Records by Sonny Smith @ Cinders

Sonny Smith - 100 Records - Cinders

We've been stoked for the arrival of Sonny Smith's 100 Records project to Brooklyn since we first heard about it's opening in San Francisco this past spring.

During a residency at the Headlands Center for the Arts, Sonny dreamt up a number of (mostly) fictitious bands and musicians, fabricating entire personas, back-stories, and musical styles (reggae, new age folk, mute R&B, country spoken word, etc.). He also wrote 200 songs (A and B sides), inhabiting or summoning these characters, imagining and performing them into being.

The exhibit includes a jukebox containing all the songs, in addition to original jacket art for the hundred 7" singles, featuring contributions from visual artists like Ed Ruscha, Kyle Field, Chris Johanson, and Jovi Schnell...

The show opens this Thursday, August 12, at Cinders Gallery. There will be an opening reception, featuring a performance by Sonny himself, beginning at 7pm!

Sonny Smith - 100 Records
Chris Johanson - 100 Records

Cinders Gallery Presents:
“100 Records” by Sonny Smith
August 12th – September 5th 2010
Opening Reception: Thursday, August 12th, 7-10pm
Music performance by Sonny Smith at 7pm

Sonny and the Sunsets


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