The Most Addictive Online Thing I've Done in a Long While

I don't know what this flash game is called, and I can't read the instructions as they're in Japanese, but: this little flash game is great. Here's how to play:

1. Press "Start"
2. Wait for the countdown: 3, 2, 1
3. A group of numbers will flash on the screen for just under one second; your job is to try and remember the position of those numbers.
4. After the numbers flash on the screen, they will be replaced by circles.
5. Your job is to try and put the numbers in the correct order from lowest to highest.

After 10 progressively more difficult levels, your score will be tabulated. The lower your score the better. The idea here is that your visual memory (AKA: your immediate perceptual memory) is related to your age, so the better you score, the "younger" your brain is.

The best I can seem to score is 7 out of 10, which is tabulated (depending on the difficulty of the particular level) about "20 years old." Let's face it, though, we're a society obsessed with youth. I'm not going to be satisfied until I score an 18 or lower.


BJK said…
i got 6/10 the first time (27 years old) and 7/10 the second (23 years old)...

it's weird how sometimes you don't think you memorized the locations at all, but you still get them all right, cuz your visual memory isn't completely accessible to the rest of your consciousness.
Nikki-Nicole said…
They have this game on "Brain Age" for Nintendo DS! I'm usually pretty good, only because I say the numbers out loud.
n. brown said…
Grrr... I still can't get better than 7/10, though I've found a few tricks: it's easier when the numbers are sequential. It's also easier when the numbers are clustered, but somewhat loosely. When they're clustered more tightly, or when they're distributed over a wider space in the screen, I find it more difficult...
Anonymous said…
I want to meet the person who has done better than 7/10. If they don't exist, I want to be that person. Help!!!!! I can't stop.
N. Brown said…
So, I was getting the suspicion that something was wrong when I thought I was extra bubbles on the screen after it flashed the numbers, so I grabbed my digital camera and did some "investigating" (cheating, that is).

Here's the deal: if you get 6 correct (sequentially), the game starts adding extra circles to the map after it flashes the numbers. That completely complicates the game. So, when it's harder, it's usually because there are fewer numbers to select than bubbles on the screen.

Needless to say, with a digital camera, I got 10/10, but it still put my "brain age" at 20. I guess my hopes of breaking into the teens once again are completely lost and gone... bummer.

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