We ♥ Mt. Eerie: New song with Julie Doiron!

A couple months ago, I ordered the vinyl reissue of The Glow pt. 2 from P.W. Elverum & Sun. It came in a box adorned with Phil Elv(e)rum's unmistakable handwriting and this beautiful custom shipping tape. I can't throw it away!

Elverum's aesthetic has always been impeccable, and his recent limited edition releases have made a pretty compelling argument for the longevity of tangible musical artifacts.

Below is the artwork and a track from the upcoming Mt. Eerie release, Lost Wisdom, which comes out October 7.


teenvoguedtf said…
I heard this song a few weeks ago, but couldn't find where I heard it. Thanks for posting. Mount Eerie is my favorite band, and this song is not the least bit disappointing.

Ben, what do you think of Eric's Trip? I picked up "Songs About Chris" last week so I could hear the original "Sand", and the whole EP was great.
BJK said…
i never heard much of eric's trip. i think i confused them for a while with carissa's wierd [sic], the band that morphed into band of horses. i guess it was the possessive name thing...

but i just listened to some eric's trip and really dug it. it induced some heavy 90s nostalgia.

oh, and by the way, that little tigers jaw ep you mailed me is superb! i've been listening to it a ton. i really love the stripped down songs! when is the proper thing coming out?

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