8th Graders' Perspectives

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Our good friend Jessie is an 8th grade teacher in Oakland, and her students have been blogging!

Here's some of what they've been writing:
"When Obama became president I was totally speechless! The first African-American president ever, and I was there to witness this. I was so proud and hopeful of America's future and I trust Obama will steer us toward the right direction. I can't realy explain how I felt when the T.V. people (lol :)) told us that Barack Obama was our elect- president. I feel really excited and I will remember this event forever, or at least until I die. This is so spectacular and I can't even begin to feel how African Americans might've felt that night."
"Right now I'm feeling good because this is the biggest moment ever in life. When I heard that Barack Obama won it meant the whole world to me and I just felt like walking all over the world screaming Obama real loud I can't stop moving I just keep moving and walking around and I'm talking about him nonstop. I think he will change gay marriage and schools, and how young people should act and I hope he will change the gas prices and high price stuff. If Barack Obama were here I would tell him how excited I was acting and how good this is for me and I would tell him how excited my cousins were. I would tell him how he changed my life already, and how I admire him."


Anonymous said…
Jessie's students will know they can create change because of Obama.
They will be part of a powerful generation that will act out of confidence and not fear. She is fortunate to see this thru their eyes and it's neat she wants to share their excitement. Their voices were heard by her but also by me all the way here in Pa. They sound like great kids to be around every day.

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