"Close My Eyes"

One of the best things I've heard this year is the latest Arthur Russell reissue from Audika. It rounds up some never-released recordings that lean toward the folkier/poppier end of Russell's wide spectrum of influences. It also makes a great companion piece to the superb documentary released this year, Wild Combination.

Arthur Russell — "Close My Eyes" (download)


No Radio said…
Last night, I turned Johnny Dowd on to Arthur Russell. My work on this planet is complete.
BJK said…
no way! he hadn't heard of him? it's true: your work here is done.

now when johnny releases an album of arthur russell covers (southern gothic disco!), we'll know who to thank.

also, did i ever tell you how huge johnny is in holland?
aimee said…
merci for posting this. if you check my netflix you will see it's now in my queue ;)
BJK said…
it's such a moving documentary. you'll love it! let me know what you think.

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