Sound & Vision: Autumnal

This week's Sound & Vision pairs a haunting tune that melds piano, strings, and field recordings with a gorgeous Polaroid shot by Hong-An.  

The song is from Swedish neo-classical composer/pianist David Wenngren (aka Library Tapes), with help from Peter Broderick (whose own superb album Float we discussed here). "A Summer Beneath the Trees"—the title-track from the project's forthcoming album—may nominally evoke a different (now-distant) season, but the resonant echoes and found-sound backdrop couldn't any more limn the fading ephemera of autumn.

The photo, to me at least, evokes the same transitory sense. A nostalgia for one thing; a gazing out toward something else. A fading warmth; a bracing for the cold. Bright rays through crisp air. Sitting alone, enveloped in filtered light. Fall.

Or something...

Sound: "A Summer Beneath the Trees" by Library Tapes (from A Summer Beneath the Trees)
Vision: Autumnal [Polaroid 340] by "naftels"


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