We ♥: Watches in 3D!

I haven't worn a watch since some time 'round 1996 or so (I think it had velcro)... But now that's gonna change!

I just got a package in the mail that has me psyched to start wrapping my wrists again (in red and cyan!) and keeping my cell phone in my pocket when someone asks for the time...

Furni x Raised by Wolves I Love 3D Watches

The 3D-themed watch set is a collaboration between Canadian design companies Furni and Raised by Wolves. They are offering a limited edition combo set—of which I am now a proud owner!—that includes the red and cyan watches, a pair of 3D glasses, and a book of stereoscopic images of various artists' and designers' workstations, entitled You, Me and 3D: Workstations in Different Places.

Here are the specs:
  • 1980’s style LCD unisex wrist watch.
  • Phone book, stopwatch, countdown timer and multiple alarm features w/ melody setting.
  • Hourly chime, 12/24 hours selectable and “dual time” mode.
  • Water-resistant with PVC strap.
  • Indiglo style backlight.
  • Face dimensions: 1 1/4” x 1 1/2”.
  • Available in Black, Red and Cyan.
  • “This ain’t the time to have your wrists freezin” engraved on watch back.
  • First 50 combo sets available with free 3d book.

You can purchase your own HERE, before time runs out.


BJK said…
i didn't even notice until this post went up: the color scheme of this site matches the watch set perfectly!

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