The Top Ten Top Ten Lists of 2008 (Pt. 1)

We're going to try to create a Top Ten List of our favorite Year-End Top Ten Lists for 2008. Albums, movies, books, casseroles, marmoset videos, etc... Please help us get past #1...

With possibly the most expansive-yet-impeccable musical taste within the blogosphere, motel de moka is one of the few sources worth consulting for those ubiquitous and often vapid year-end lists that litter the interweb this time of year.

Their '08 list—which they just put up today!—is full of our own personal favorites (Paavoharju, Scott Tuma, Tape, Grouper, Lykke Li), plus a few albums we'll be checking out immediately, all with generous mp3 samples!

(It'll be tough to find 9 more lists that hold up this well... Do you have any favorites?)


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