A look back at the songs (Pt. 1) ...

Here are some of the tracks we've featured during our first 8 months of existence. (Some are downloadable!) There will be four installments coming over the next few weeks.  Play them all at once to experience nearly a year's worth of music all at once! And please let us know about your own favorites.

[Click on the song title to see the original post. Click "download" to, um, download.]

Stars of the Lid — "Slight on the Childproof" (download)

High Places — "Golden" (download)

Pants Yell! — "Magenta and Green" (download)

Deer Tick — "Beautiful Girls" (Sean Kingston cover) (download)

Lykke Li — "Tonight" (demo version)


The Analyzer said…
Thanks for the music! Missed you lastnight babycakes.

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