Drowning in Nostalgia: Grant Lee Buffalo

I think there was a period in high school when I would have said that Grant Lee Buffalo was among my top 5 favorite bands. I haven't listened to them much in recent years, but Mighty Joe Moon still sounds pretty exceptional even now, 16 years later (it really is nuts, isn't it?).

The band has apparently been swept up in all the 90s nostalgia. They'll be joining the wave of last decade's alt-rock heroes and have-beens reuniting in recent years—Pixies, Pavement, My Bloody Valentine, umm... Hole. Some tour dates are already scheduled, including a Bowery Ballroom show on February 5.

They really are one of those underrated bands that doesn't quite get the credit they deserve. Grant Lee Phillips had such a distinctive voice and songwriting sensibility amidst an otherwise bland period of grunge hucksterism. I imagine they'd have been more acknowledged had they not been caught up in the major-label usurpation of indie music post-Nirvana. I know Phillips has gone on to a respected solo career, but it's nice to see the band having another go at it.

"Rock of Ages" (from Captains Dead)

How completely 90s is this video?


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