"What I have is nothing that you want..."

I've gotten to a point in my music consumption where the filters are thicker, the trusted sources fewer, and I basically ignore the endless stream of band names I hear getting hyped. This gradual narrowing of the net I cast to absorb new music has coincided with a return to older (tried and true) classics, perhaps out of nostalgia or maybe a retreat from the inundation of all the "now" stuff clogging the cultural pores. I'm all for the democratization of creative channels; I fully support the idea of every kid having a garage band, all of us putting out our own 7 inches and chap books and blogs and videos and... And all this is to say: it's still nice when some band I've been ignoring—some trendy duo with a goofy name and one-trick gimmick—turns out to have a pretty excellent song...

There's always more room for songs like that.


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