An Old Recording of You Aren't My Mother

[flyer by Ben]

Here is an old recording of the pre-YSC musical project, a trio called YOU AREN'T MY MOTHER. It's from a show at Goodbye Blue Monday on June 22, 2006.

I just stumbled across the recording while cleaning up some old files and figured I'd share it (if you'll allow me the self-indulgence). Enough time has passed since that particular show that I feel separate enough to avoid embarrassment. In fact, the music is sort of exciting to hear now, and it makes me miss that trio big time.

I'm having fun trying to pick out who's doing what during this song, which was definitely about 90% improvisation. Here's what I can make out, in close to chronological order...
Ben Kupstas: wine glasses, screwdriver on guitar, contact microphones, melodica, glockenspiel
André Joel Paul: toy glockenspiel, guitar
Nicole Bogatitus: toy accordion, big glockenspiel, melodica, coughing
I love that space that opens up about 2 and a half minutes in, and then gradually gives over to little then bigger bursts—first of timid and inquisitive noise-ideas, then of more expressive sound struggling toward awkward harmony. And I gotta say, I can't imagine today doing something like that whining guitar stuff that begins around 6:20, and which Nicole and André bathed in twinkling, droning comfort blankets. Not to throw bouquets at our past selves, but the dynamic is pretty awesome. Makes me feel like I'm getting less gutsy with music.

Here are some photos (all by the marvelous Julie Staub) from the show at which this was recorded...


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