Advocates for Shopping Seats for Guys (ASS Guys)

[Editor's note: This here is the first contribution from our old old friend Wayne... Even back in high school we always knew he was full of it ('it' being ideas, of course, some potentially world-changing and some, well, more like what you're about to read below). Wayne and his uncontrollable (over)flow of schemes both provocative and inane (ASSinine?) have begotten a blog, which he dutifully plugs below. Enjoy and, please, do provide Wayne with feedback to ASSist his crusade...]

A preview of Friday's posting on the Idea ClearingHouse Blog...

Many women's clothing stores don't have "Guy Seats" near their changing rooms.  We're forced to sit on flimsy counter tops, lean on merchandise displays, and teeter on small rickety ladders.  A chair/stool/couch is really a small convenience that provides much needed comfort for men waiting for their wives/girlfriends/daughters.

I propose the formation of a non-profit organization to promote general awareness of this issue and lobby.  We would call this effort "Ass-cott," since failing satisfaction we will boycott (mancott, really) these stores and their insufferable conditions.  A successful implementation of Ass-cott may even increase the amount of time, and therefore money, couples spend in women's clothing stores.  The cost of a seating area could pay for itself in a few weeks from this increase in sales.  The space taken up would be minimal (about 3 +/- 1 ass-widths) so the amount of floor merchandise displaced would not be significantly effected.


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