Nepotism: An Interview with Nicole

Over at Dealerscope today, there is a rad interview with Lomography shop manager and YSC contributor Nicole Bogatitus, in which she discusses the analog revival, photography & community, and retail during the recession.
"Film still has warmth and depth to it that digital has not yet been able to duplicate. There are many that are still fiercely loyal to film and will not go digital, as they realize that digital is not a replacement for film but simply an alternative. There's also the spontaneity that shooting with film allows you; with film you don't know what result you are going to get until you get your film back. It seems there is a whole generation that has grown up with the completely digital lifestyle and film is something that is entirely new and exciting to them."

Click HERE to read the full interview!


t.a.b. said…
Hey, neat! Nicole, you're famous :)

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