Steal This Book (Idea)

With apologies to Abbie Hoffman, I think this may be a novel idea 
(pun intended)

Jimmy Carter has won a second term as president and successfully transitions the US to a green economy, relying mostly on energy generated by wind and solar sources.  This is a boon that seals Democratic domination of politics.  OPEC is put off by losing US dependence on them for oil and teams with the Soviet Union to limit US energy independence.  Together, they develop a weapon called "Ra" (or sun god) to block out the sun and cripple America's energy infrastructure and economy, making the US dependent on dirty fuels once again.  OPEC whacks prices up to $200 a barrel to extort the US.

We need a hero in the story to try to stop this and I think the young Congressman from Tennesee, Al Gore, may be a good candidate for action hero.  I envision the story unfolding in realtime as a Dan Brown/Tom Clancy-type thriller with a green taste to it.  Together with his sidekick/staffer, the down-and-out Dennis Kucinich, he skips out on a G7 Conference in West Germany to kick some gas(s) and save the day.  Still need to work out that part.

What are some tweaks that can be made to this core idea?
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