Don't Eat the Wooly Pig!

These are Mangalitsa pigs:

[photo by Tamas Dezso, via]

Mangalitsas, also referred to as "wooly pigs," are hardy pigs from Hungary. They like to be outside, can survive in mountainous cold, need more living space than other kinds of pigs, and have lately been the subject of many a food column due to their uniquely marbled muscle tissue, which makes them, apparently, good and expensive eatin'.

Don't be fooled! Look!

Wooly Pig
[photo via]

It is a-freaking-dorable! Don't eat it!


BJK said…
that one sort of looks like phil spector.
Anonymous said…
Sooo adorable, I wounldn't eat it. I wonder if they make good pets? said…
hello, if you use pictures from somebody you have to ask them permission. the above picture is my picture and you have to remove it or pay for it.
BJK said…

Our sincerest apologies. We take creative rights and permissions very seriously, and always try to give credit where credit is due, as they say. The author of the post found the photo, uncredited, via a Google image search. It is now removed.

It is an excellent photograph and we wish we had known the source to have linked back. Where might we find the rest of your work?

Sorry, again, and I hope there are no hard feelings.


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