A River Ain't Too Much to Love...

The Housatonic River

______ amongus...

Laetiporus sulfureous, aka "Chicken of the Woods"

Clavulinopsis fusiformis

(most likely) Ramaria formosa, aka "Yellow-Tipped Coral"

Hot birds...

Barred Owl (in rehabilitation)

Wild Turkey

Grey Eastern Screech Owl (in rehabilitation)

New Yorker


American Toad

Red-Spotted Newt

Green Frog

And a flower...


(Can anyone help identify the three types of fungi above? I thought one was Chicken of the Woods, but I was wrong.)

I emailed the three photos of fungi above to an old professor of mine, George Hudler—a respected mycologist at Cornell (I took his "Magical Mushrooms, Mischievous Molds" class!). He was kind enough to identify them for me, and it turns out I was right! The first one is indeed Chicken of the Woods! He even had some interesting comments on the three:

Laetiporus sulfureous (Chicken of the Woods): "...the specimen would have been a treat to eat if it was but free. Maybe this one was a bit too late..."
Clavulinopsis fusiformis: "This cluster is pretty tired. Was probably more erect several days earlier as seen HERE."
Ramaria formosa: "Listed in one book as poisonous, but probably not deadly. Great photo though!"

Thanks Prof. Hudler!!!


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