Design for Obama

HT here. The folks over at the awesomely intelligent and aesthetically swoonsome blog Design Observer started a website,, to encourage graphic designers to come up with their own Obama poster designs:
Designers for Obama was created when Design Observer essentially asked the question, “how can graphic designers best support Barack Obama?” Our answer ended up extending the question to cover visual communicators at all levels. In addition to supporting Obama for America we jumped at the opportunity to bring the spirit of grassroots style organizing and collaboration to poster design which, to us, meant not only forming communal bonds but sharing the fruits of our efforts equally and in such a way that anyone can enjoy and benefit from (because most of us do not own our own printing presses).
I encourage you all to wander over there and check out the myriad offerings. You can even download and print your favorite designs, free of charge. I'm really fond of the following design, though to be sure, it's not really in keeping with the Obama/Biden campaign's attempts to minimize name-calling:

Then again, I suppose I'm not a real American anyway, so what does it matter if I indulge in the pinko-commie-liberal pleasures of inspired design?


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