Plantastic! Jack-O-Lantern Edition

Of course you already know that the pumpkin is a fruit from a dark green vine and that it's a member of the Cucurbitaceae family. You also know that they're an incredibly cool fruit. In fact, the next time somebody asks me what my favorite fruit is, I think I'm going to say pumpkin (sorry cherries). And, of course, you realize just how great they are to carve. In this special Halloween edition of Plantastic!, we're looking at creative Cucurbitaceae carvings:

We'll begin with the classics...

Just Your Run-O-The Mill Jack-O-Lanterns

...and move on to the frightening...

Jack is Scary, Too Terrifying for Words, Scary Ork Face

...and on to the political...

Palin (also scary), Che, and Obama

...before taking a peek at the geeky,...

Pixel Jack-O-Lantern, Nintendo Jack-O-Lantern, Death Star Jack-O-Lantern

...the dirty,...

Sexist Red State Jack-O-Lantern, Kama Sutra Jack-O-Lantern, Colon Jack-O Lantern

...the cannibalistic,

Cannibal Jack-O-Lanterns!

...and, of course, the musical.

Jack-O Jack-O-Lantern, Pumpkins in their Heyday (an admittedly easy joke), Ziggy


BJK said…
2nd row middle photo is the scariest!

Pumpkins are definitely my favorite fruit, too! Have you ever had pumpkin ravioli? So good!

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