6th Annual Musical Saw Festival

When: Saturday, July 5th, 2pm
Where: Trinity Church, 31-18 37th Street (37th Street at 31st Avenue), Astoria, NY

More info at the Saw Lady's website.

From Wikipedia:
Musical saws have been produced for over a century. In the early 1900s there were at least ten companies in the United States alone manufacturing saws. These saws ranged from the familiar steel variety to gold-plated masterpieces worth hundreds of dollars. However, with the start of World War II the demand for metals made the manufacture of saws too expensive and many of these companies went out of business. In the year 2000 only three companies in the U.S. were making saws: Mussehl & Westphal, Charlie Blacklock, and Wentworth.


Anonymous said…
The festival was fantastic - there were 29 saw players in attendence - from Germany, Canada, GA, CA, MA, RI, PA, NJ MN, MO and NY!

There were 2 world premiers of 2 composers, the 'Saw Lady' played with a handbells group and 3 sawists played with amplified effects. There was also an art exhibit and a workshop. Everybody had a wonderful time.
BJK said…
it sounds great! i really wish i didn't miss it.
Anonymous said…
I just stumbled across this info over a month late. I will definitely look out for this next year.

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