Here's a Poem:

While I—like most people, I think—have a limited tolerance for Beat poetry (maybe that's a generational thing? Maybe it's a getting-older thing? Maybe it's because nowadays it's not particularly cool to get all into your own emotions unless you've doused them in heavy irony/sarcasm? Maybe I'm making this all up?), this Gregory Corso poem strikes me as very appropriate to contemporary culture...or something like that. Mostly, it just made me smile and laugh a little bit when I came across it yesterday:

How Not To Die

Around people
if I feel I'm gonna die
I excuse myself
telling them "I gotta go!"
"Go where?" they wanna know
I don't answer
I just get outa there
away from them
because somehow
they sense something wrong
and never know what to do
it scares them such suddenness
How awful
to just sit there
and they asking:
"Are you okay?"
"Can we get you something?"
"Want to lie down?"
Ye gods! people!
who wants to die amongst people?!
Especially when they can't do shit
To the movies—to the movies
that's where I hurry to
when I feel I'm going to die
So far it's worked


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