From the ABC Primetime special, The Outsiders: Monkeys Instead of Children? (no, FOR REAL)...
"Empty nesters looking to relive all the fun of raising children without reliving the turbulent teens are adopting some of our closest relatives: monkeys.
Families are dressing up capuchins, feeding them at the family dinner table and treating them like any other member of the family. They're called monkids."
But, in case this sounds tempting to you...
"I walked into the room and he just, he bit me everywhere he could bite me. He ripped my elbow open, right across my wrist, on my hand, the back of my knee," Sampey said. "And it all happened within, like, three seconds. I got out of the room as fast as I could. But I got out of the room bleeding all over the place."
I could go on quoting all day... The story is outrageous; if it wasn't on the internet (and TV!), I wouldn't believe it! Be sure to watch the videos.


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