Megafishes (or, Why National Geographic is Awesome)

To help kick off your holiday weekend, here are some giant fish(es) to look at:

(Dude and) Giant Mekong Catfish

(Dude with) Giant Stingray

Giant Barb (and Dude)

Giant Arapaima (and Some Floating Guy)

Mmmm... Fish kebabs...
To see more, go here.


BJK said…

i'm trying to figure out what the third dude's expression is conveying. fear? camaraderie? aggression? surprise? bad odor? it could be anything, really. the first dude's expression, on the other hand, is definitely affection.

and why is the last guy a 'guy' and not a 'dude'?
t.a.b. said…
I think he's trying to commune with the Giant Barb. Like, that fish is totally burping at him or something, and he's all like, well I'll play along and make a funny face back to this here giant fish. Rrrrr! Like that.

Also, that guy is a "guy" because we can't see his face. If we could see it, then we could determine whether or not he's a "dude." Because dudes are definitely communing with the fishes, while that guy seems to be trying to make an escape. Lame.

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