"and the blackbird sang a song today"

It seems the consensus is that Lambchop peeked with Nixon, and I agree that it stands as their crowning achievement—their most cohesive statement to date.  

Their last two outings (the C'mon pair and Damaged) were solid records with their fair share of Kurt Wagner's astute lyrical observations on the mundane, but they didn't have the emotional sweep of earlier albums.

Maybe I just haven't given those records enough time. After all, it took me a while to warm up to Is A Woman, but it eventually grew into one of my favorites (probably right behind Thriller).

I think Lambchop albums need to be listened to as albums, start to finish. Case in point: the heft of Is A Woman is left concealed if you walk away before the end of the closing, eponymous song.

I have high hopes for OH (ohio), especially after hearing this sample from the album...

"Slipped Dissolved & Loosed" by Lambchop (download):

And here's the superb video for "Is A Woman":

OH (ohio) is out 10/7 on Merge.


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