(Introducing) I Want Candy!

I (BJK) just wanted to take a moment to usher in this here new feature on YSC, which will be handled by NLB and her discerning (read: fussy) taste buds. We stocked up on loads of curious confections at Economy Candy a couple weeks ago, and she's been taking copious notes as she consumes our bounty. She may need some pressuring to start this thing, so be sure to send your suggestions and please recommend some exotic candies for her to try.

Speaking of candy, have any of you ever tried Kookaburra licorice (or, as they spell it, liquorice)? So good! The mango is the best, in my opinion. I just finished a whole package in half an hour.

There was this other Australian licorice brand (at least I think it was Australian, cuz it had a kangaroo on it) I bought from Whole Foods once, and the packaging was superb, but I can't remember the name.

Also, while we're on the topic of licorice/liquorice, does anyone else remember Ben Hurs? They were hard, ashen-grey, anise-flavored little squares that were oddly addictive. I've been on a quest to find them for years, and I'm thinking they must have been a Pennsylvania thing...like teaberry ice cream (which—I've learned from trying to spread the gospel of the neon pink deliciousness beyond the borders of the Keystone state—tastes too much like Pepto-Bismol for non-PAers)!

(Note to Nicole: I fully expect a future post on the Ben Hur saga!)

So... keep your eyes out and get ready for a sugar high!


Anonymous said…
I swear I was going to write about candy tonight. I was going to leave the link to teen vogue dtf in this comment, but I see that you already have it on the side. Thank you, you're the best.

I had teaberry ice cream recently, and it was fantastic. I'm always hesitant when it comes to buying licorice, as I find that if it's not the right texture, it's no good. I've been refrigerating all of my candy, which seems to make everything taste WAY better.
Anonymous said…
Ben Hur was a PA candy. First made by Wunderle, the company that made candy corn, then Heidi who sold out to Hershey. Hershey stopped making Ben Hurs in the mid 90's. There is a site that you can sign a petition for Hershey to start making them again or to sell the recipe to someone else!
BJK said…
adam: i'm loving your blog! thanks for the mention; it made my day. i'm with you on the refrigeration, too. did you ever have ben hurs?

anonymous: thanks for the info! it seems there is quite a contingent of ben hur nostalgists.
Anonymous said…
I sent the following email to the Farley's & Sathers Candy Company:


It has come to my attention that the Farley’s & Sathers Candy Company has acquired the rights to the old Heide line of candy products. This is of great interest to me, since there is one old Heide candy that many people, including myself, have been obsessing about for many years: Ben Hurs.

Ben Hurs could be described as after-dinner mints in shape and consistency. They were a dark grey color. It was the TASTE that was the most unique thing about them. Ben Hurs have been described as tasting like Sen-Sen, patchouli, or candied ginger. Some people would describe the taste as “floral” or even “soapy.”

Yet as bizarre as that sounds, Ben Hurs actually have a rather fervent cult following or fan base, at least among those of us above a certain age!

I have heard through the grapevine that Farley’s & Sathers is not interested in producing Ben Hurs. The official explanation goes like this: “Due to the high cost of production for specialty items and the lack of sales, we simply cannot justify the manufacturing of this item at this time. The cost to the consumer would not be in line with other items currently available.”

Fair enough! However, if Farley’s & Sathers will never produce Ben Hurs again, would it be possible for the company to post the recipe for this product to your website? I could not help but notice that your website includes a long list of recipes already, and there are home candy makers who would be extremely interested in recreating this nostalgic confection!

I hope you will favor me with a reply. If it will never be possible to purchase Ben Hurs again, at least I could try making them at home!

I would encourage all fans of Ben Hurs candy to copy this letter and send to:

jOY ZARBO said…
I also have been searching for a recipe to make the ben hurs. It's at least nice to find others who finally understand when I try describing these amazing candies. I used to get mine in Buffali, NY
jOY ZARBO said…
I also have been searching for a recipe to make the ben hurs. It's at least nice to find others who finally understand when I try describing these amazing candies. I used to get mine in Buffalo, NY
Judy said…
My Dad used to buy Ben Hurs in the candy department at Sears Roebuck in Chicago in the 1960's. We all grew up loving them. I would love to find a recipe to try and recreate them at home.

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