We are not going to comment on or react to the latest attack ad from the McCain campaign. Because it elicits nothing—with its utter pointlessness—but a slight shake of our weary heads. It is the result of nothing but desperation and incompetency and a complete lack of real vision or imagination. To react to it is to give it more credit than it deserves. It is vacuous. It evokes nothing. We are going to ignore it.



Anonymous said…
no oops. you're right, his recent add does nothing more than reinforce the fact that Obama has no one to run against that can give voters a choice in substantive ideas. We are left with a shake of our weary heads over nothing.
BJK said…
the worst part is that what the ad is meant to elicit is this mixed disgust with vapid fame (the flashes of britney spears and paris hilton) and some fascist leader-worship (the shots of crowds and the ominous chanting recall some sort of nazi rally imagery), and we are being led to associate this for some reason with obama?

1) that insults the millions of formerly disenfranchised and newly engaged public, those of us excited about the prospect of an intelligent, visionary, (and yes) charismatic leader for our country.

2) the creators of that ad must have patted themselves on their spineless backs for coming up with that unsubtle, propagandist juxtaposition of shallow, superficial celebrity worship with fear-mongering fascist images. when in reality that message is as hollow as the culture it is mocking.


3) the ad says NOTHING about mccain. nothing about his policies or leadership assets.

the things is, most of the idiots in this country scouring fox news and gossip rags—that culture the ad is ostensibly critiquing—are REPUBLICANS (see here)! that ad, if it does anything, is going to confuse a bunch of the morons mccain probably most needs to be courting.

one thing i continue to commend obama for is his consistently positive campaign. yes, you may argue it is a luxury of his position with the media, but how great is it that he can usually just ignore mccain completely?
N. Brown said…
Also, there's a bit of Karmic fallout that I find hilarious: Paris Hilton's parents are McCain donors, and they're upset by the ad. Also, apparently Britney Spears is upset over the unauthorized use of her image by the McCain campaign, and could potentially sue for damages.
t.a.b. said…
I would be so very excited if the Hiltons and Britney sued McCain for the ad. Awesome. Love it.

Poor McCain--he's certainly not got the celebrity vibe. Seriously, though, why are the national polls so close? Do we think it's a media let's-keep-our-ratings-up thing? Or is it true? And if it is true that Obama and McCain are quite close poll-wise, why are the Republicans running ads that make Obama out to be some sort of hyper-celebrity?
Anonymous said…
I'm frightened for our country if the polls are as close as being reported by the media.Funny how Paris Hilton responded with her own add and even funnier that McCains response to it missed her attack on him and sad that it shifted attention away from Obama's continued efforts to get his message out. Comic relief at times is needed and Paris delivered.

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